Laughter is a powerful key to motivation
and a great way to manage change!
Todd Justice is a veteran comedian who specializes in bringing Texas-sized laughs to your next corporate event! Let Todd take the worry out of your evening and inject a “keen and clean” smart sense of humor and fun into the evening.
They say that laughter is the best medicine. They’re wrong.
It’s Prozac!
However, if you can’t get your hands on those little miracles of science … Todd Justice has some alternative medicine that works wonders. We’re talking about laughter, and anyone who has tried it will tell you it is extremely therapeutic.

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Todd Justice - Nerds 2016

The message is clear! Change is Inevitable, Imperative, and Hilarious

“I’m not in a midlife crisis … this is a war!” Todd Justice

Who in the world thought that it was necessary to make a law that you can’t whistle under water? Rather inconvenient, don’t you think?
These are things that you just can’t make up. The truth is, the world and people in it are nuts!

Retta Baptist Church

Clean Comedy Challenge Final


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"Nothing ruins a Friday more than realizing that today is Wednesday."