Todd Justice

Corporate Comedian

“Laughter is a powerful key to motivation and a great way to manage change!”

What Todd Can Do For You!

Todd Justice is a willing testament to the fact that problems are funny and change is even funnier.

Overflowing with personal anecdotes and key lessons learned …. His message, “Magnificence Of Mirth” will inspire, motivate and challenge even the most casual listener to “Find YOUR reason to laugh!”.

Co-workers will witness both the need and a very fun and easy method to achieve that imperative positive attitude shift when any workday challenge becomes increasingly duanting.

Book Todd Justice today and YOU will be the HERO of your next event!

Magnificence Of Mirth

“Change is Inevitable, Imperative and Hilarious!” – Todd Justice

They say that laughter is the best medicine. They’re wrong. It’s Prozac! However, if you can’t get your hands on those little miracles of science … Todd Justice has some alternative medicine that works wonders. We’re talking about laughter, and anyone who has tried it will tell you it is extremely therapeutic.

Testimonials / Happy People, Awesome Referrals

"He made us laugh, had us all crying. Great guy. Classic act. Thumbs up from Papa John's!"

Jeff Greene

Dir. of QCC Operations / Event Planner, Papa John's

"I saw people just bowled over with laughter! They were just leaning over couldn't catch their breath. He did such a marvelous job and in between all the laughs, he weaved a small message in through there. He talked to our guys just like he had known them forever ..."

Steve Schofield

Dir. Human Resources, Cavenders

"Amazing job with his keynote. Very funny!"

Amy Noska

Event Planner, PHCC Association

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