Laws Of Laughter

Your Day Will Follow

My father used to say, "It's all about attitude". That's certainly true in stand-up comedy. Following the fact that all comedy material is negative ... attitude will drive the intensity of laughter from an audience by clearly exhibiting the emotion, passion,...

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A Mask For Chapped Feet

An incredibly fertile area to mine your own humor is in your reactions to sales emails. They show up everyday and it can be rather frustrating. If you're like me, you start deleting the email titles before you ever open the actual message. However, quite often one...

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The Comedy Juggle

In pursuit of a stand up comedy dream, I am juggling four jobs … corporate comedian, defensive driving instructor, girls’ volleyball referee, and driving for Uber/Lyft. Slightly stressful to say the least. However, I look forward to discovering new stories every day....

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