"The Magnificence Of Mirth"


Who in the world thought that it was necessary to make a law that you can’t whistle under water? Rather inconvenient, don’t you think?

These are things that you just can’t make up. The truth is, the world and the people in it are crazy. With soul-bearing self-deprecation, unbelievable stories and observational truths about family, weird laws, defensive driving, Texas, health and holidays …. Justice exposes the hilarity in experiences we all go through.

Todd Justice will have you admitting that people (including you) are nuts, and he’ll have you laughing about it uncontrollably!

Take a break from the stress of the office and do some not-so-serious team building with the Laws of Life comedy show. Todd’s perfectly clean comedy has brought tears of laughter to people’s eyes while they partake in some honest bonding over their strange yet shared experiences. When we laugh together, we work better together. And usually, that’s a pretty good thing.

Does laughter have real value? Absolutely! They say that laughter is the best medicine. They’re wrong, it’s Prozac!
However, Todd Justice has some alternative medicine that works wonders. Humor plays such an integral role in problem-solving, conflict resolution, and bridging the gap in today’s workplace culture of generational diversity.

Whether your car won’t start, there’s a sudden new workforce shuffle, or you accidentally cc your boss in that personal email about the real reason you didn’t come to work yesterday … you probably don’t feel like laughing. But you should!
Most problems involve change. That’s the key. Unexpected change can create incredible amounts of “funny”.

With a terrific takeaway involving a two-part formula … Todd Justice will show your group how to bring out the humor in those changes and arm your employees with the ability to adapt, change, and grow to support their goals and a thriving organization. Oh, and of course, it gives everyone more reasons to laugh!