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MOM – “Magnificence Of Mirth”


I am my Mom’s primary caregiver. Together we’ve learned that laughter really is the best medicine. We laugh

everyday,  even during the toughest of times. And it is amazing how that laughter seems to keep her so calm.

Laughter, her German Shepherd, and a big glass of wine.

Calm … really, really calm. LOL”

Todd Justice


Dementia is all about change … changes in health, brain activity, schedules, family dynamics, care, etc.

And as a stand-up comic and corporate speaker, the easiest way to make an audience laugh is with surprise.

The best jokes establish a thought pattern in the minds of the audience, leading them down one path,

only to take a left turn unexpectedly at the last second. This really is dementia to a “T”!

It is the “surprise twist” at the end of almost every joke.

Without the surprise, there is no laughter.




Laughter is all about change …

There is a problem (change) at the root of every joke. Circumstances are always evolving, sometimes beyond our control or desire. Unwanted changes lead to stress, anxiety and distraction. Too often, we get bogged down in the pressures of everyday life and lose sight of our goals. We’re so busy dealing with a million little problems that the big picture begins to fade.

Does laughter have real value?

Absolutely! They say that laughter is the best medicine. They’re wrong, it’s Prozac! However, humor can play an integral role in problem-solving, conflict resolution, and bridging the gap in today’s workplace culture of generational diversity.

Nothing is more surprising (or funnier) than the truth!

To be honest with others, you first have to be honest with yourself. Funny thing about the truth … it almost always clarifies the next step necessary for improvement.

I want you to remember that now and then, it’s good to step back and take life a little less seriously. Relax. Re-center. Find your motivation. Figure out why you started chasing your dreams in the first place and, more importantly, if and why you stopped.

Give yourself a reason to laugh!

Success is dependent on change and the ability to “roll with the punches”, yet sometimes adapting to those changes can be a real headache.

Let me show your group how to bring out the humor in those changes and arm your employees with the ability to adapt, change, and grow to support their goals and a thriving organization.

When we laugh together, we work better together. And usually, that’s a pretty good thing!